Arete (arete) wrote,

Tri-state Blackout

Got caught in it, so if anybody tried to get a hold of me... Yeah. No dice. No damage for my family other than no power: branches and leaves fell in the yard, spent a good four hours cleaning it up, but no damage to the house itself. Neighbor had maybe twenty shingles blow off from his house, but he has a generator to keep his refrigerator running, so very little sympathy from me. Dinner the last few nights has been fine: sesame chicken and fried rice the first night, Skyline chili and spaghetti the second night. Gas stoves FTW! Seriously, other than not having anything electronic, it hasn't been that bad - our water heater is also gas, so still have hot showers, just have to do them in the dark.

Typing this at the local library on one of their computers - they have power, and technically they have wireless, but since wireless is through Insight, and since they're down... no wireless. Cable internet is fine though, so still have internet that way.

Reading by candlelight, by the way, gives me a headache.
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