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27 April
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Telecommunications major finishing up my senior year at University of Kentucky. I read a lot, though not so much of books anymore, and I watch a lot of anime. I don't post so much anymore, but I keep up with everybody else's journal.
advent children, alphonse elric, anime, ashley riot, ashley/sydney, bishounen, boy-love, boys with boys, brimstone, caress of twilight, chronicles of riddick, cid highwind, cidxvincent, cloud strife, cloud x sephiroth, cloud x zack, cloud-seme, cloud-uke, cloud/sephiroth, cloudxsephiroth, doujinshi, doyle, duncan/methos, edward elric, eroica, fanfiction, fantasy, final fantasy vii, final fantasy vii yaoi, foxes, from eroica with love, frost, fullmetal alchemist, harry potter, harry potter doujinshi, harry/hermione/ron, harry/ron/hermione, hermione/harry/ron, hermione/ron/harry, highlander, hunterxhunter, iruka, kakairu, kakashi, kakashi x iruka, karl urban, kiss of shadows, lancelot/arthur/guinevere, manga, menage a trois, merry gentry, narusakusasu, narusasu, narusasusaku, naruto, padfoot/moony, pitch black, reading, reno, revolutionary girl utena, rhys, riddick, riddick slash, riddick/jack, riddick/vaako, riza hawkeye, ron/harry/hermione, ron/hermione/harry, roy mustang, saiunkoku monogatari, sakunarusasu, sakusasunaru, sasunaru, sasunarusaku, sasusakunaru, sci-fi, science fiction, scifi movies, seduced by moonlight, seelie, sephiroth, sephiroth x cloud, sephiroth-uke, sephiroth/cloud, sephirothxcloud, shonen-ai, shounen ai, shounen manga, shounen-ai, shounenai, sidhe, sirius/remus/severus, slash, sydney losstarot, tarot, team 7, threesomes, unseelie, utena, vaako/riddick, vagrant story, vampire hunter d, vin diesel, vincent valentine, yami no matsuei, yaoi, yaoi doujinshi, yasuko aoike, zack, zack x cloud, zax, ♂♂

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