Arete (arete) wrote,

Fic Snippet: Daughter of Body and Mind (X-Men AU)

Jubilee sighed, wishing she could just escape reality for a few hours, and hold her friend the way they both needed to. But questions were flying at her from every direction, and the only one with even some of the answers was her. Her only problem lay in the fact: when did the need of knowledge for protection end, and the need for privacy, for all involved begin?

"Jubilee, we need answers! Now!" Ms. Frost snapped at her 'student'--not that Jubilee ever trusted her as a teacher, not before and definitely not now.

"The answers I will give, depend on the Professor and Magneto, " sighed Jubilee. "They are the ones with the only right to know." The hubbub increased, all claiming the right to know. "No, you don't! You may deserve to know what happened, but you don't need the why or how. That information belongs to only they, and Carerica."

Professor Xavier looked at his youngest friend, both dreading and needing to know. He then shared a glance with his oldest, dearest, and competitive friend, the old friends deciding nothing would be served by reserving the knowledge to them alone, no matter how they wished to keep the surely wretched news silent. "Just tell us, Jubilation. We will deal with the fallout, no matter what."

Magnus interrupted before Jubilee could speak. "You said 'would give', not 'can give'. You know more than you will tell us, child?"

Jubilee nodded. "Those are Carerica's secrets to tell or keep. I know them for the same reason that Professor knows... knows... well he knows anything truly deep about you. We'll be friends until the end of time, and likely beyond that. She knows my secrets, I know hers, she'll give anything to make me happy, I'll do anything to see her truly smile.

Jubilee took a deep breath before continuing, "Carerica is like Cable in that she was created at the instigation of Mr. Sinister. Unlike Cable, she could never existed in the real world, not logically anyway. Maybe in some alternative universe, someone with her genetic structure could possibly exist, but not with the same type of parents. 'Cause you see, Sinister made her by combining the DNA of two very powerful mutants. Two very male mutants.

"I think we can guess who they are, can't we?" Jubilee looks at the two in question, daring them to try and disbelieve her. When all they did was stare, why all the rest stood in shock before bursting out in...

Aack! This scene is driving me nuts!

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