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"NO!" The scream echoed in the dying battle, silencing all who then turned to find what had caused the soul-wrenching pain. Carolyn stood above Eric's body, staring with horror at the wound in his side. When Sinister began to laugh, her head jerked up.

"Enough. This shall come to an end." Her eyes began to glow, and she began to chant. "Daughter of Night, Son of Day. Power of light, Strength of Dark. Sword and Shield, Blood and Soul, Love and Hate. I call on thee, grant me the boon I seek." Her eyes closed slowly as she chanted, then snapped open at the last two words. "This ends."

The building began to shake, as if an earthquake had seized the land; however the ground itself did not shake, so couldn't have been. Carolyn's eyes closed as a wind began to howl and tore itself around the lab.

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