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When I was young, I dreamed of running away.

But I read, and I learned. Running away--from home or a fight--never solved anything. Your problems either followed you, or you had worst ones show up. I'd rather stick with the ones that I knew how to fight.

So I waited for college.

I wanted to go far away, far far away. Cross country, if I could do it. But I couldn't. So I'm only an hour and half away by car, instead of an six to eight hour plane ride away. But I limit visits to only four hours on Fridays, every so often, then come back to my 'home'--my dorm, but I do call it my home.

I have to keep telling myself I'm not running away, just merely walking away from that life. My parents might not see me after I graduate with my bachelor degrees, will definitely not see me if I go on to grad school. I want my own life, and I can't have that with them hanging on, demanding--no, make that DEMANDING--I do as they say, and live my life according to their rules. My parents are liberal culturally, but live conservatively.

And I am not.

I dream of a life in love, not necessarily married, and not necessarily male. I just want someone to love me as I am, not despite of who I am.

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