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Fic snippet: Carerica & Sinyan

Rest and relaxation is rare in my life. I rarely get the chance to just sit and allow the scenery to seep into my senses. But I had just beaten a rather powerful enemy, and the rest are regrouping and planning anew. Time to just relax and recharge.

Sunsets are always lovely--blood red colors without having to shed the blood.

I lean back against the cliff, viewing the valley in a slow glance, before going back to the sunset. A sudden disperse of air, and then I sensed my godly brother by my side. I didn't want to fight, so I just kept quiet. He didn't speak either, and we both got the impression the other just wanted to bask in the other's presence.

We love each other.. He wants more than I can give though, at least for now. But sometimes, it's not about love between man and woman, but between siblings and friends. Protection for no reason then that you should be under my protection, and that type of relationship.

It's nice having friends to share sunsets with.

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