Arete (arete) wrote,

I put my hand to the mirror, activating the spell I have activated a thousand times in my lifetime, and will likely activate a million more. It has saved my sanity more times than I can count, and allowed me to grow in ways I would have to wait years in this world to do, if I even got the chance.

The image slowly formed of an Asian girl, all smiles and laughing eyes; I knew better. In her lay a spirit as old as I, with a mind a match, and a heart as well. We had both felt the pain of a childhood ripped away before we even lived half of it, and when we thought we had the chance to finish it, our trust was betrayed time and again. After all, that's what made us what we are, made us the chosen--or cursed--few who had this power. She just hid her pain behind a mask of happiness, while mine was shrouded in maturity early learned and a serious outlook earned long ago.

"Heya, sis."

"Hello, Chaya."

She smirked. "I still don't get why you don't just call me Jubilee like everyone else. I know Chaya means the same thing..."

"I just always liked the name... and it fits you. Jubilee sounds more like a flower child, or some modern name. You *look* modern, but both of us like the ancient ways better--they make more sense. And Chaya reflects that. 'Sides, it drives you nuts, sis."

"Like anyone else knows what I really like. Monet," she snorted the name, "keeps asking me why I dress in such loud colors--how about a nice forest green."

"That's my style, actually. Be strong though, I think the time-fork is coming soon, I'll be there physically, and supposedly we'll get to meet the previous watchers. Though the last hints I have suggest you have met both of them already."

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