April 12th, 2001

unkind, why, fate

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There's a beast in me
She's raged for a thousand years
Crying for the blood
She knows lies in your veins
That she wants
Staining the ground beneath her
Don't push
Or it WILL happen
And she will howl at the moon
For the rightness of it
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    John Parr - St. Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion) [St. Elmo's Fire]
unkind, why, fate

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It can exist in all actions
In a caress
In a slap
In a lover's kiss
In an enemy's laugh
It doesn't need to be evil
Mocking will do

It hurts
They do not see
I would cry
But must be strong
So strong
But only want to cry

Can't end it
Can't defend against it
Only exist
Wish I could let go
But if the pain leaves
What is left?
unkind, why, fate

(no subject)

To anyone reading these postings -- I AM NOT SUICIDAL! Got a life plan, and death is not a part of it. I'm channeling some story character's angst, using my own words. Usually I just say it outloud, but I really like the poems I write, even if they are disturbing. 'Cause maybe if I disturb some people, they will recognize that someone near them (NOT ME) is hurting, even if they have their heads too far stuck up their asses to really notice.