April 19th, 2001

unkind, why, fate

Song lyrics (mine)

Some things are built on dreams that aren't real
Some things are built on dreams that won't come true
No matter how hard I try
I can't make you take back all your good-byes
Some things were just meant to be
Even we could change them
They still be there in the forefront of our minds

I'll say my good-byes
I'll leave the tears for tomorrow
Today's the day
You say your good-byes

You may leave my presence
But you leave yours behind
Just know in the days to come
When your days are as dark as the nights
My arms still open
For you
unkind, why, fate

My boat

I've been alive a thousand years
And I have cried so many tears
Why do I weep so
Is it my pride
Or my heart
Or my foolish soul that dares to trust
Oh brother
Oh sister
I call on thee
Guide me in my sorrow
That my boat may not drift
Where I cannot steer