October 8th, 2001

unkind, why, fate

Fic Snippet: Flashes and Shadows

A young woman placed her palm against her chest, over which her heart would lay, if she had one left after she gave it away to a dream, a fantasy she desperately wished true. "Any one, any where, I just need the love now... Goddess, I'm dying by inches, may I not simply have clues where to look? Or a token of his love. Something to look forward on, beyond these phantoms in my mind... Goddess, please..."

Some distance away....

A young man looked to the stars in the sky, trying find one to wish on. None seemed powerful enough to answer his plea, so he turned to his one constant companion. The stars themselves changed as his parents dragged him around the world, but the moon had been constant, ever-changing, but always there. "I know not if you have the power, but, please, I need someone, any one, who will always be there. Who needs me as much as I need them, if not in the same ways... Please, all I need is love..."

Everywhere and nowhere...

"Done! May they have their wish!"
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unkind, why, fate

Poem Snippet

In my dreams
Late at night
I dream of a chain
Hands holding on
Some hugging
Some squeezing
Tight enough for pain
For tears
That will be cried
In joyous pain
The owners
Will never meet
Or if so

In the mist of time
They hold
When they should
Have let long ago
Hold tight
We'll always be there
Love eternal
When there is none else


Sometimes poetry is the only way to record an image, I think.
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