October 24th, 2001

unkind, why, fate

Introspective Piece

I walk in the shadows.

I walk in the shadows, my only constants. The light of the sun comes and goes, and I track my time by it, but the shadows are my only constant.

I walk in the shadows, my only friends. I give kind words, and receive them, but no one knows the depth of my words, and their meanings; only the shadows hear every word I cry, scream, whisper, or curse and know the true meanings behind 'I am!'.

I walk in the shadows, my eyes see only them. The light is there, but only to show me the shadows--for without shadows, how will I know the true light? The light needs contrast to show how bright it truly is, and the shadows show me that.

I walk in the shadows, finding within myself my own light.

My own light to shine upon my own path.

I make it my own path, as I claimed my light and my shadows.

I walk in shadows, claiming them for the light.
unkind, why, fate

(no subject)

I can hurt
I can heal
I can give
I can steal
I can create
I can destroy
I can break
I can reinforce
I can birth
I can kill
I have weakness
I have will

I am.
unkind, why, fate

Poem: Childhood Innocence

I hide it most times

I don't let it show
To the world

It comes out
In the little things
Things I enjoy
It's there in my smile
And maybe my eyes
Windows to the soul
That they are

Things everyone else did
I never did as a child
So I do them now
Pigtail braids
Playing video games
My smile says I really enjoy them

But is it innocence?
Or me just recapturing
A youth I never had?
My dreams from yesteryear
Haunt my todays
Have I fulfilled them?
Do I want to?

What is real?
What was real?
Who am I?
Who was I?
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