October 31st, 2001

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"Just cause we're the same, doesn't mean we're the same--different childhoods, different outlooks on life. I have the pacifist point of view--"

"--As much as a man can have such a view," Carerica smirked.

"--while Carerica has a bitchy, feminist, 'let's take over the world today' point of view, along with a few aggression issues."

"A few? That's a little low... at least five to seven, at the minimum. And that's not counting the neuroses and psychoses I have, or maybe it does... I don't really know. I studies engineering, not psychology."

EJ smirked, "For which I am eternally grateful; you're a manipulative bitch without the advanced knowledge. I don't need to deal with a wife who not only can trip me most of the time, but one who can do so all of the time. Once a day is enough."

"Heh, what can I say, I like puzzles. And human beings are the ultimate complex puzzle."

Scene from X-men AU.
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