November 4th, 2001

unkind, why, fate


Dream... fragments of my imagination
Calling to my heart
Hurting my soul
What path to choose
Choices left in the path of time
In the path of my life
Wondering what new step
Will bring into my life
My heart aches for him
My soul burns for him
But what will happen
When I look in his eyes
How much will I still be me
When I and he
Become we?
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    Christina Aguilera - Reflections [Mulan]
unkind, why, fate

Seitoka: thoughts on losing the war

We lost.

We lost everything.

Our pride, our power, our control. They.... those... those... MEN! now have control! Power! They now revel in demolishing our pride!

But wait.


Centuries can pass, while we gather strength to fight again. Not in my lifetime, not our daughters' lifetimes, not their daughters' lifetimes, but far down the line, when we are but a legend fashioned to scare the men-children in their cribs, to teach them to fear women having power... then we will strike.

Not I, nor my daughters... my line has died.

But my line shall be born anew, from the Great Mother from which it came. The warrior that shall found anew the line, I shall her cousin.

But not now. Not now.

Now we must grieve. Grieve for what was, and the pain of waiting that lies before us.

We lost.

But we will win.

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