November 7th, 2001

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My eyes stayed on the funeral pyre, even as I felt her approach from behind to stand beside me. No words were needed, no touches or looks either; we both knew why we had come to witness.

The loss of my sense of safety--the safety I had fought to feel in a world I could not control.

The loss of her trust in her family--the family with whom she thought she had forged bonds of literal adamantium.

Perhaps we had both deluded ourselves in the past, but the death of a dream can hit harder than any other death.

unkind, why, fate

Snippet: The Seven: Death

I am Death.

Wait, not yet...

I will become Death.

Every millennium that passes, seven new mortals are chosen to take the place of the Immortals, who then can kick back and enjoy eternity.

I was chosen for Death.

I'm not sure why. I'm not some sadistic psycho who likes pain and death--little pyromania perhaps, but not actual death.

Now I am actual Death.

Why me?

Why not me?
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