November 8th, 2001

unkind, why, fate

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Beware of what you are.

Beware of what you will become.

Shadows may hide monsters from your gaze, and eyes are windows to the soul that resides in you, but the shadows in your eyes reflect the shadows in your soul; and who knows what evil can lurk in the souls of men?

One day you may crave the power that comes when you call, but one day you will call too soon, or too powerfully, or... just the next day you will realize you let the power turn you into the boogie man that you begged your parents to protect you from, had you the parents to beg.

It's there in my eyes, and it's there in his as well. Time, history, and man may have forgotten who and what we were, but we remember and still pay penance.

I had the power once.

Then the power had me.