November 11th, 2001

unkind, why, fate

I should be dead

THIS ISN'T A STORY! I wish it was tho...

I was driving back from SugoiCon 2001, at the Holiday Inn at Minealo Pike exit. Around the 141 mile marker on I-75 S, I was driving in the right lane of a two-lane expressway, with a semi besides me and one behind me. Out of nowhere, a truck suddenly appears with it lights on from the right shoulder. I'm going too fast to slow down in time, and he's moving way too slow as well. I slam on the brakes, which then lock up. My car swerves to the right, then to the left, hitting the trailer beside me in my car's back, spinning my car so the passenger side is facing the semi behind me. The semi behind me slams into my car, and I don't know how exactly, but my car ends up in the ditch. The passenger side is in the ditch, the top of the car faces the road, and the driver's side is facing up to the sky.

I say "help me, help me!" and two guys try to get the door open to get me out, that's not working so I'm thinking they'll pull me out the driver's side window (which has shattered), but instead one guy pulls the front window which has been broken out from its socket. I unbuckle my seatbelt, and climb/walk out through the window.

I lived through an accident that the cop said I should have died at.

I lived.