November 14th, 2001

unkind, why, fate

Au fic

They--who they are, I never knew--always say running away never solved anything.

So I never ran away.

Now I'm not so sure it wasn't a good idea to just drop everything and run. Sometimes it hurts so much to live a dream I didn't dream.
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unkind, why, fate

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"You don't understand! Just as you both sacrificed your lives and happiness to fulfill your dreams of safety of mutants, so too do I and Carrie sacrifice our hopes for the future, for the hopes of our family..." He drifted off as the small click of sensible boots came into hearing.

"No, for our family is our hope for our futures." The booted figure came into view, revealing a girl of the same apparent age of Eric, but with the eyes of woman far older than that. Her 5'6" frame was toughly muscled and enclosed in leathers meant for fighting not for show, though they had the same effect. Her hair, likely to hit her knees when unbound, was tightly french-braided. "Merely our love is put on the back burner, husband mine."

"I rather be fighting by your side. If I remember rightly, I even put that in the vows."

"You did, but the children need to be raised by someone who still has the innocence and hope to believe everything will come out right in the end." She choked, "I don't have that anymore, and there was too little of it left when I did lose the last of it. Better they know their mother fights for them to be free, then grow up like me." She shuddered. "I don't want to face their eyes if they grow up to be like me. That shall break me where nothing else has before."
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