November 19th, 2001

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They always asked why I wear black, white, wine and blood red, with a hunter green and midnight blue added as accents. They never understood. They meant my life.

Black and white mean grief in other cultures--just because Western culture demands we deck ourselves in black when we mourn doesn't mean the world does. And, since I belong more to the world then the stupid American pop-culture--I won't dignify it by simply calling it culture--I wear both to signify death.

Wine red, for the fruits of my life that I will never see, for the wine I will never drink to celebrate my marriage, my children, my grandchildren... I will live a brief life, never knowing the fruits of my labors.

Blood red for the blood I have spilled and will spill in this lifetime; both my own blood and others.

Hunter green for the forests that call to me, wishing for me to hunt in them and reside, making my home where I feel at home.

And midnight blue for the night sky that I look up to, and wish I could fly away into.

They never understood.
unkind, why, fate


All those anime animators draw many characters--especially bishonen--with long, long, long hair. Do they really know haw hard it is to deal with that length of hair? I have waist length, nearly long enough to sit on accidentally; it is difficult to deal with most days--not that I would ever cut it. ;-]

Hell, I even gone to the Duo Maxwell way of dealing with it--a yard long braid, although I'm not sure it's quite a yard long yet. Hell, I checked his height, it can't be a yard-long--only about 2 and half feet, cause I'm 5'4", he's 5'1" (maybe 5' even), and my braid only is 22". Not even 2 feet. So his braid isn't that long. But I'm still growing a yard long braid. ;-]
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