November 29th, 2001

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Sometimes I walk into the shadows and wonder how I came to be at home in them.

I was born a daughter of the Light; of the open blue skies and the golden sun above, of the hopeful dreams and the joyous laughter. I was born that way. I am no longer of the Light.

Mere mortals cry about the Light and Dark as if they are simply Good and Evil. It is not that simple, it can never be that simple. The dark makes it easier to commit atrocities, yes; the dark also allows love, real LOVE, freer rein. Light may shine with golden hope, but a smile can hide the pain inside the soul.

Where once I would have walked among the Light Soldiers, shoulder-to-shoulder with my brothers and sisters, I glide in the shadows, not knowing who to trust in the battles I face.

I am not evil.

And all the Light Soldiers are not... Good is not the term... amiable? Preferring to avoid selfish greed... Christian terms are never good for describing something beyond their ken; it is like using mathematics to explain why I think Sean Connery is hot for a man over fifty.