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"Because I'm not you." I closed my eyes and swallowed once, then opened my eyes and mouth once more. "I'm not going to give him up, not for anything, 'cause he is my everything, just as Eric was yours. You let him walk away, hurt from what had gone on. I know, it was both your faults, but you let him walk away. I won't. I'll cling, I'll scream, I'll tie myself to him if it takes that. I've lived my whole life waiting for him to show up, waiting for the arms I could rest in... for the strength to protect me, and the strength to give me something to protect. I won't let him go. Suffering leads to learning, and brother," I smirked the title, "You suffered, and I learned. The tragedy is you learned it yourself too late." A smile settled onto my face, one that matched his normal one; old pain smoothed with a calmness and patience burned into the skin, but still the old pain shone through. "My life is enriched from the memories I have from you, but it does not negate the fact you were an idiot to him. And I have to deal with his memories in EJ. Pain is not easily forgotten."

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    I've been waiting for him my whole life. I've needed him since I entered junior high. I've never met him.

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    Sometimes I walk into the shadows and wonder how I came to be at home in them. I was born a daughter of the Light; of the open blue skies and the…

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    Sometimes I just feel the need to write, even when there is nothing to write on. I love stories; I love the feel of the words in my mind, creating…

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