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Don't Let Go.

Three words. Three very simple words. Those phrases to other couples mean 'I love you', but not to us. 'Don't let go' means so much more to us.

It means when I am shuddering from the nightmares that aren't mine, but Eric's, not to let go, like *HE* did, so long ago. He didn't need to protect me, just stand there, so I knew somebody knew, if not understood, and was there to lean on.

It means, when he is slowly losing his sanity from *HIS* memories overlaying EJ's, I'm there, whispering words of memories that we hold in tandem. I am there to sooth the ravages of his mind when he strains it too hard to build the wall back again.

We are partners, helpmates--we are not there to everything for the person, but stand ready to help when they ask, or just lend a willing ear to a rant that needs to be said.

Don't Let Go.

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