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Stef shuddered as she remembered. "We lost the house, and the cars. That wasn't major--we nearly lost Xany. We--the teens and up--have a theory that your memories have lain in our subconscious all our lives, and when certain things happen, certain fears kick in. Chaya fears losing any of her mobility, though she keeps on explaining it away as a physical manifestation of her fears of being trapped by motherhood--utter bullshit of course. Well, when they started sniffing around, trying to find a way to put Xany in foster care, I started having panic attacks, and 'Vieve wasn't too far behind. It took several months to get them off our backs, enough for all of us to heal. We think... SHIT, we KNOW that the reason we both kept freaking was both of you guys' childhood fears of being abandoned again and adult fear of doing the abandoning. It didn't help us any, but we don't blame you."

Aaagh, why o why can't I get a full scene out of my head?!?

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