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"I've been fighting most of my life," I tell him, and I see that he wants to shudder in horror and pity. I smile to take the sting away, "It's more a matter of who I am, than what I am." I stare into his eyes. "You, Charles Xavier, have also been a fighter. You withstood the deaths of two parents, a callous step-father, a torturous step-brother, a horrendous and very crippling accident, and a very chaotic and meaningful friendship with a man your equal and opposite--all of this before you turn thirty! I, as your clone, inherited--if that's the term to use in this instance--all the innate qualities that allowed you to survive as sane as you are. As for the traits beaten into you, Life's a Bitch; she did the same thing to me, although not in the same manner."

"The same goes for me--same innate qualities, different circumstances." EJ stared at his father-original. "I survived partly because of your memories and your determination; we both thank both of you for that. We are strong, both mentally and emotionally..."

"And that's where Sinny made his mistake." I smirked, "He clones two of the most powerful mutants in the world, both with the reputation of being hard-headed, intelligent, and very damned hard to kill, and he thinks he can control the clones. 'Of the webs we weave, those who practice to deceive.' 'Cept he got caught in his own net. Hooray for the idiot savants!"

"I have come to the conclusion that you're nuts. Certifiable, even."

"Thank you."

"Wasn't a compliment."

"EJ no baka. *giggle*"

"*moan* He could of cloned Jean Grey again. That Amanda girl who was up on the meteor, perhaps. Maybe even Jubilation Lee. Instead he clones a girl who thinks Ranma 1/2 is the top of anime."

"No, that's Trigun. Ranma is just very very good for pervert jokes. Sides, I'm like Ranma!"

"An insane martial artist?"

"You mean insanely powerful martial artist, EJ." All this time they sat watching us, looking back and forth like a tennis match.

brief scene snatch, yay!

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