Arete (arete) wrote,

Gundam Wing AU

I want my son back.

I want the son who giggles real giggles, and not the ones he cheers his friends up with. They don't see the depth of his pain, but I do. I'm his mother, and I carry similar masks.

I want my nephew Yune back.

I want the boy who smiled and laughed, and pulled on my son's braid just so my son would chase till they were both exhausted. It hurts to see the eternal poker face, with the eyes of pain that rival his mother's and aunts'. All that skill, and no drive of ambition, of want, of need to better than everyone else, just the need to survive, therefore needing to be strong.

**so on, detailing Wufei, Trowa, and Quatre**

I see us, their mothers in them at different times, sometimes making it a very joyous time, but mostly I only see the pain of mothers' sins on innocent sons, who did not deserve to pay for their birth.

I want our dreams of the future back.

I want my family back.
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