Arete (arete) wrote,

X-men AU

I glanced down at my twin pigtail braids, then back to the men I faced. "Do you want to know why I wear my hair like this? Why not a simple, solitary braid, or better yet, chop all of it off! My Tateschi liked them because they reminded him of Anya... but that was why I wore them, not why I wear them now. They are there to remind me off the two paths I must give respect to, the paths my two fathers followed. The both twist and turn from the same starting point, only to end, little and split. I must be the one to combine the two paths..."

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    I've been waiting for him my whole life. I've needed him since I entered junior high. I've never met him.

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    Sometimes I walk into the shadows and wonder how I came to be at home in them. I was born a daughter of the Light; of the open blue skies and the…

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    Sometimes I just feel the need to write, even when there is nothing to write on. I love stories; I love the feel of the words in my mind, creating…

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