Arete (arete) wrote,

Gundam Wing AU: Mothers of Soldiers

We aren't and never were like them.

Oh, Duo and Quatre come closest, they do know how to enjoy themselves from time to time, and try to get the others to join in, but they aren't like us.

Maybe it's because they're boys, and we're girls. The bonds between them are different--all competition, whereas ours was a mix of competition and compromise... you know, girl things.

We fought as they fought, but we laughed and shrieked where they only smiled grimly, or in Duo's case, faked smiled. I am beginning to truly hate that smile.

We took time out to bond; you'll protect another girl's back much better when she's helped paint your toenails, and told you all the secrets of her first crush, and when you held her after she found out... anything that made her happy or sad. We shared everything, from love to advice to dreams to money to, finally in the end, a friendship that lasted longer than true love, because it was true love, the true love of sisters.

And they still are caught up in just fighting. But what are they fighting for? We gave each other dreams--my children looking at me in love, Deux' ballet school opening to the public with Chee's gymnastics school right next door, Trois singing in a nightclub, and Wusu raising a gaggle of giggles, otherwise known as a pack of girls, to be ninjas.

Who are our sons now? Do they stand before me? Or are these merely the ghosts beside them, of whom they used to be, and never will again.

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