Arete (arete) wrote,

The Hidden Children

They don't know we exist.

He cloned us, so our clone-parents don't know we exist. But we do, and we know we exist.

He tries to tells us we don't exist; we have no souls or hearts, and our minds and bodies belong solely to him, to use and dispose of as he wishes. He tries, and he believes we think thus.

He thinks.

We don't; his first mistake was cloning us from the originals--none of them were slouches in the attitude, fortitude, and intelligence categories. And when he gave us some of their memories, to learn their fighting style, he gave us a link to access all of their memories.

And now we know how to fight back.

It will be long, and it will be hard. But we have each other; even those who were enemies as originals get along for this. Because we aren't them.

We'll never be them.

But we will be the children, and the adults, that they wished they could have been.

We are the Hidden Children.

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