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The fight continued on. First punches, followed by kicks, and then combinations of the two. Then the dirty tricks showed up.

Taunts, cursing, cussing. Teasing the mind with dirty innuendos. Playing the game of war, with friendship the bond instead of enmity. Giggles interrupted the flow of taunts every so often, indicating, against all the sanity of the observers, the fun the participants were having. It was very unreal.

Then the music changed tracks into tribal song, with a heavy bass. The pattern of attack and counterattack slowed to match the beat, looking more like a perfectly time kata duo instead of the serious spar it started as. As the tribal song slowed to an end, so did the participants, finally taking up defensive positions five feet apart. A beat, then they bowed to each other, keeping eyes keen for a last attack. None forthcoming, they relaxed.

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