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"If they made four pairs of clones, where's the fourth pair?"

"Dead." The pain was evident in Carolyn's voice. "All four of us tried to protect the children the best we could; they simply paid with with their death." She sobbed, "They were due to be married a week from the day Essex captured them." Sobs quieted, "CJ tried too many times to break through the bars and the electric simply overloaded him. We think 'Rica had a bond with him; she died, spasming, not a minute after."

"Why didn't either of you..."

EJ broke in, "We decided to both try different styles of fighting back--"

"Basically amounting to getting his confidence by portraying ourselves as self-opportunists, mercenaries of the worst type... to take advantage of his trust. I still feel as if the dirt won't wash off, no matter how hard I scrub--" she glared at EJ, "Yeah, yeah, I know we were the only ones capable of pulling it off, doesn't negate what we did; so 'Rica and CJ settled on openly rebellious. Which I would have preferred to help with, but Mister Subversive here convinced me otherwise."

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