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Most of the times I get into a specific fandom there is a specific character or specific characters that I just grab a hold of, and don't let go of. And usually it's a very specific type of personality, and a very specific view of that character. Examples:

Eric Lensherr (Marvel) - was in the concentration camps, was Xavier's lover, screwed over most of his life, strong within and out, but still very hurt.

Jubilation Lee (Marvel) she hides behind the jester mask, but she can kick ass when needed. Most times she doesn't need to, so she doesn't. Stronger than most know, because she doesn't want them to know.

Most of the GW boys, but specifically...

Duo Maxwell (Gundam Wing) - Same as Jubes, she has the jester mask, but nobody calls themselves Shinigami -- God of Death -- without deep seated reasons.

This says something about me, and I'm not exactly sure.

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